Biotin Capsules

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Quantity: 90 capsules. 5,000 mg each

Biotin is an essential water-soluble B-vitamin that plays a key role in many functions throughout the body. Major food sources of biotin include milk, nuts, egg yolk, and wheat bran. In addition, probiotic microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract can synthesize biotin. However, the amount of biotin synthesized is not sufficient to maintain normal biotin status, thus adequate amounts must be obtained from the diet or from dietary supplements.

Benefits: helpful with nervous system function, and skin and hair nutrition, important for the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates, synthesis of hormones and cholesterol, and DNA replication, supports glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity and may also induce enzymes that inhibit release of glucose by the liver into the bloodstream, cholesterol and triglyceride metabolism have also been reported in some studies.

Instructions: 1 capsule daily with food